1. Day 251 - Loose change.


  2. Day 250 - Photoception. I have no idea where this idea came from, but I’ve just had it, and duly executed it. SOOC.


  3. Day 249 - Went to the pub for my mate’s 18th.


  4. Day 248 - This was a remarkable stroke of luck. I had just taken a really bad shot in my room, and as I was going to bed and closing the curtains … I spotted this. I grabbed my telephoto and took a few shots out of my window. After a while, it disappeared. I decided to tempt fate and go outside with my 50mm. So I was crouched in the middle of the lawn in the middle of the night for about 10-15 minutes, then voilà! the badger comes back, snuffling and snapping at things. I was literally about 8 or 10 foot away from it. Unfortunately, however, I had to use manual focus, because the AF assist light would’ve scared it off. It was dark, so manually focussing was a pain in the arse. Still - I’ve got a picture of a badger out of it! Not every day that happens. More unbelievably, a fox appeared on the lawn about 10 minutes after I’d gone back inside!


  5. Day 247 - Aniseed balls. Did you know that at the centre of every one, there’s an aniseed?


  6. Day 246 - I tuned my guitar again today, and had a mess around. Sadly, tuning’s probably the thing I can do best with it haha


  7. Day 245 - No tripod, couple of seconds. Turned out better than I thought it would. This brings a (not-so-spectacular) end to my film week! SOOC.


  8. Day 244 - On the way home from a friend’s. SOOC.


  9. Day 242 - Reading over your shoulder. The complete works of Shakespeare. SOOC.


  10. Day 243 - Card house. This took me so long to make! I was quite relieved when I’d done it.


  11. Day 241 - Just after sunset; the tones are remarkable! SOOC.


  12. Day 240 - Rock texture in the garden. SOOC.